Modern Kitchens in L

August 14th, 2012 | Cat: Kitchen Design Ideas

All of available kitchen formats or kitchen designs, kitchens in L are probably those that have more fans. They have the advantage of adapting to a very large variety of spaces, whether small or large with many choices available.

kitchen design in L Modern Kitchens in L

Kitchen L-shaped corner

The kitchens in L whose mobile cover a corner of the room are extremely practical and allow a better use of space than if the mobile just covering one side of the division. This is because, in the case of having no mobile L, can not put something on the wall it is necessary to leave free space for movement and use of that part of the bench. Or, if you put in there a washing machine, you must leave space for the same opening.

red L kitchen design Modern Kitchens in L

L-shaped kitchen table with stools

Another way to have an L-shaped kitchen countertop is putting a “loose”, without being against a wall. This can function as a division between the kitchen and living room and is a great alternative to large houses. This part of the bench can serve as a desk for quick meals or snacks that do not require the use of table meals.


modern L shaped kitchen Modern Kitchens in L


Another option is to place this type of cuisine in a small house in the living room and kitchen work in the same room (small kitchens) and there is room for a large table – excellent choice for homes of students and young people.


More bench space and storage

Take up the many benefits of doing a kitchen in L than those already explained, the top, the level of space and functionality of these kitchens.


modern kitchen design in L Modern Kitchens in L


For now, the area of the stand is much higher in this model kitchens, mainly because the corner of the cabinet is greater in width than in other areas. This is useful both for the preparation of cooking either for placing a small appliance even without the detrimental functionality of the kitchen.

On the other hand, will also gain more storage space in the closet. As the counter is greater in the corner, also the space available in this area is greater, creating fine divisions to housekeeping pots and pans, for example. A great possibility is to use the most difficult to access these divisions (they are much more deep) to put what you use less often in the kitchen in L.

l shaped kitchen
pinit fg en rect gray 20 Modern Kitchens in L
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